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HAND OF GOD, Which Shook The Internet, Will Intrigue You More About Space; Know What NASA Says About This

by Shatakshi Gupta

The US space agency NASA recently revealed the size and other characteristics of the ‘Hand of God’ visible in space for many years. While revealing the details, NASA has shared beautiful pictures ofHand of God from it Instagram account. These pictures have been taken from many types of cameras, in some pictures,this hand is seen in yellow colour, in some it is blue, in some it is getting blurred and in some, the light is seen coming out from inside.Let’s know about this interesting stellar phenomenon.

What is the Hand Of God?

These photos have been released on the Instagram page of NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. Two photos have been released on Instagram, but there are more pictures on the website of NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, which suggest that thishand-shaped structure is made up of clouds formed by the explosion of a star in space.

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It was written in the post that the claw-like shape is made from the energy of the NEBULA, which has come out of the release of a PULSAR. This pulsar was formed by the collapse of the star. The name of this pulsar is PSR B1509-58.  The width of this claw is about 19 km. The handrotates seven times per second.

Other details from Chandra X-Ray observatory

 NASA scientists believe that there was a supernova explosion, whose light reached earth 1700 years ago. Ensuing this explosion Pulsars were formed ( Pulsars are formed due to explosion in stars).Clouds of Pulsars have a very strong magnetic field as a result they become very dense. Consequently, it takes a long time for them to dissipate. However, the HAND OF GOD is slowly fading away.

Scientists started the study of its speed, size and colour change from the year 2004.  Since then, the study was conducted in the years 2004, 2008, 2017 and 2018. It is constantly visible in these pictures that the density of the clouds of this claw is continuously decreasing. This Hand of God will eventually vanish.

This remnant of a supernova explosion in our galaxy is located about 17 thousand light-years away from Earth. This Pulsar sits in a Nebula spreading over 150 light-years. It is located in the Circinus constellation.

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It shows red, yellow and blue colours in pictures taken from the Chandra X-ray Observatory. If you look at the ‘Hand of God’, you will see three fingers and one thumb in it. A concentrated light will be visible over the fingers. Which is a group of clouds. These clouds are constantly get collided which produces energy, due to which the light is more visible.

The Hand of God is rotating on its axis as well as in different directions. The centre of these clouds is located at a distance of 35 light-years from the main location of their explosion.

If we talk about its magnetic field, it is 15 trillion times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic force. Due to the rapid rotation and such high magnetic power, this ‘Hand of God’ is the most powerful electromagnetic generator in our galaxy.

Last year a study on this was published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. The scientists involved in these studies had told the people that soon an exercise would be done to find out its size, appearance and age. Now, this hand is getting blurry. But scientists could not ascertain its age. It is believed that it will remain for a few hundred years more.

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