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These 9 Gadgets Will Certainly Give You A Futuristic Feel

by Shatakshi Gupta

Technological advancements are happening around us by leaps and bounds. Everyday new gadgets are coming into the market that can make our life easy. Today in this article we picked 10 gadgets that will certainly give you a futuristic feel.

Hi-Can Bed /Canopy 3.0

This is a new four-poster futuristic bed that comes with remotely operated curtains to darken the inner space at any time. Along with it, an HD projector, an audio system, and a gaming console come with it. It also gives you the freedom of adjusting the mattress level and ambient lighting to suit your mood.

Levitating sofa

You might have experienced some types of furniture that give comfort likea cloud. But this sofa not just feels like clouds, but also look like a cloud. Besides, providing extreme comfort, these are aesthetically attractive as well. These sofas work on the principle of magnetic levitation and will definitely give you feel like you are floating on air.

A machine that folds your laundry

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Folding clothes after the wash has always been a tedious task to do. These machines come to the rescue. These machines can fold your different clothes within seconds. One such machine maker Foldimate says that you can fold an entire load of laundry in about five minutes, which includes collared shirts, pants, and medium-sized towels.

Transparent TV screen

Television was invented nearly a century ago. Ever since then the televisions are getting smaller and better. What began as a large box with grainy images has evolved into high-definition flat screens with limitless content. Now, fewbrands are offering transparent TVs. When switched off these look like a piece of glass.

Nail watch

Watches are getting smarter day by day. But how do you feel if you can watch time just by tapping your nail?The nail watch is designed to be hooked to the thumbnail. The user should be able to view the time in the dark just by pressing the tip of the nail. Users can also switch between available colours

Fridge without electricity

Here’s another interesting and useful product, the bio-polymer refrigerator. This is a zero-powered device, attributed to a special gel-like substance that suspends and cools food placed in it. This wall-mounted beautiful appliance can be set up either way, horizontally or vertically. It does not have a conventional cooling parts, but instead a gel that does all the work, making 90% of the appliance actual usable space. You just have to simply place food into its bio-polymer gel, which is odourless nor sticky, and your suspended food will get cooled.

Smart Finger

On many occasions, we use our To measure things. This device is just the manifestation of this habit. This is a device that caps your thumb and forefinger (or any 2 fingers) and uses the signals relayed between the two-finger points to calculate the measurement. It is made from silicon which means a comfortable fit to any finger size. Smart fingersmeasure length, breadth, and volume in a very intuitive way through simple button operations. The measured distance is displayed through the LED.

Your robotic bartender

If you love to drink cocktails this is the most futuristic gadget that you could have.Yurawill make cocktails and drinks that are tailored to your taste. It can also heat or cool them to your needs. Yura can receive your order through voice commands, sensory body screens, or from your phone. 

Logbar’s Smart Ring

With this ring, you can literally control things with your fingers. Using different gestures you can to open curtains, lock doors, and turn lights, air conditioners, and TVs on or off. However, you’ll need a Ring Hub to allow your ring and home devices to communicate with one another.

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