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This Shapeshifting 3-tyred bike will raise the bar for Future Superbikes

by Shatakshi Gupta

In 2013, in a Motor Show in Tokyo, Kawasaki showcased two new technologies, one of which is in the pipeline whereas the other is still being developed.The supercharged in-line four engine would go into manufacturing in the H2 sports bike. On the other hand, The futuristic and bizarre Concept J motorcycle seemed elusive at that time, but Kawasaki hasn’t abandoned the idea. Back in 2018, the company released a trailer of the concept J bike. Now, once again this bike comes in the news as people are expecting Kawasaki to launch it soon.

To prove that the concept is not dead, a recent Kawasaki strategy document featured a three-wheeled superbike, although as a small illustration of future technology. Earlier this year, patent application documents were filed showing a revised version of the twin front swing arm set up.

What makes it so futuristic?

Featuring a three-wheel layout with its shape-shifting chassis is the most bizarre and unique concept of this bike.

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The motorcycle leans into corners using its two front wheels to provide regular motorcycle-like handling but with more grip. This function is similar to what the Yamaha Niken does, although the Kawasaki J-Concept makes the latter look rather conventional.Twin front swing arms are connected to each handlebar so that, when cranked over in a corner, the bar connected to the inside wheel rises and the other bar drops. Kawasaki has applied for many patents for the system in the intervening years.

The radical bike can alter its riding ergonomics to provide the rider with two modes- Upright and Attack. An upright mode can be used for city riding. Whereas, the attack mode sets the rider aggressively leaned forward.

The Concept showcased the electric-powered model, although initial production models could be powered by a supercharged H2 engine. The latest patents suggest a tubular steel frame, just like the H2 and quote a fuel engine, not that an electric motor has been completely out of the picture.

Its Front End Interchangeable handling could be mounted onto any available chassis. This headstock is being used as the shock mounting. Apparently, the front twin-wheel suspension has been curated meticulous to fit onto an existing chasis. The traditional headstock re-purposed as a front shock mount, is mounted horizontally. When the bike leans, the shock is not compressed at all, but when the wheels move in a vertical plane, the shock is compressed.

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When we will see this trendsetter on road?

Of course, the million dollar question is when will we see it? There is no absolute certainty about this. But Its similar rival Yamaha Niken is already on the road.

The 2021 Tokyo Motor Show, in which it was expected, was cancelled, so it won’t be seen there but there is a chance that the similar concept might make an appearance at the EICMA motorcycle show in late November this year.

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