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These 7 Developments Have Revolutionised The Gaming Industry

by Shatakshi Gupta

Playing games on Television was something that surprised the world in the 1960s. Yes, we are talking about Video games that have travelled a long way since they entered the mainstream in the 1980s. If we compare today’s games with that era then we can see how far we have come. Today, in this article we will talk about 7 such revolutionary developments that have changed the gaming industry. These amazing advances in tech have made the future of gaming even brighter.

Facial Recognition:

The sophisticated 3D scanning and facial recognition system allow us to create a custom avatar that looks just like ourselves.This further allows us to transfer our own expressions to the created digital creations. For instance, the Intel Real Sense3D camera allows developers to tailor games that adapt to the emotions of the real player by scanning 78 different points on a gamer’s face.

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Voice recognition:

Voice recognition system is changing so fast and making our interaction with digital devices very convenient. Now, if we apply this tech in gaming, it can do magic. Voice-controlled gaming has been in existence for a while,computers are now able to easily recognize voice commands from the user.With voice recognition, you can switch the console on and off. Besides, one can also give voice commands to control gameplay.

Gesture control:

This is the most futuristic appearing tech. In this, you don’t need to play games with a controller. For example, Intel Real Sense technology allows you to play FP shooter games with the motion of your hand. 

For this, a 3D camera is used that tracks several points on your hand and respond accordingly.It allows gamers to connect with the gaming interface by using the natural movements of the hand. One can perform a variety of tasks using hand gestures, like selecting options in-game menu, picking items in game, using sword or guns etc.

Virtual reality:

This technology gives the most immersive gaming experience. Although many virtual reality gaming consoles available in the market are primitive, soon advance VR gaming consoles will be available for gamers.VR takes you inside the game and you will feel the part of real gaming. With the combination of Haptics, you will even feel the things inside games like taking bullets or punch.

Augmented reality:

In VR, you will see the all-new world, but in AR you can see things in your real world.AR games allow for a perspective unique to the gamer. AR games maneuverer spaces within the real world and makes the object of the game applicable to real-life situations. For instance, you can play digital table hockey on your bed or table or you can go on a treasure hunt in your home.

Wearable gaming:

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Gaming is becoming portable day by day. From computers to mobile and now to wearables. Games are now available on smartwatches and smart glasses. Tech companies are now aiming to incorporate entertainment into miniature wearables. Besides, running games on them, wearables could also be used as controllers.

Cloud gaming:

If we see the history of games, it is evident that games grew in size and required more sophisticated devices to run on. But keeping the limited space of devices in mind, developers are looking to lighten the load with the help of cloud gaming. Games no longer need to be constricted by the amount of inbuilt memory that discs or gaming offer. Cloud gaming allows you to access server-size storage where games can be streamed through the Internet.

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