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From Maruti to Tesla: The 5 Most Anticipated EV Cars Coming to India

by Shatakshi Gupta

India is rapidly emerging as one of the most dynamic markets for electric vehicles (EVs) worldwide. As per BloombergNEF’s comprehensive report, India is projected to have a staggering 6.8 million EVs on its roads by 2030, a remarkable leap from the mere 0.7 million in 2020. Let’s dive into five exciting upcoming EV cars poised to make their mark on Indian roads.

  1. Maruti Jimny EV

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Maruti Suzuki, India’s automotive giant, is actively working on an electric version of its iconic off-roader, the Jimmy. Drawing inspiration from the fourth-generation Jimmy, which gained popularity in Japan in 2018, the Jimmy EV will retain its distinctive boxy design and rugged appeal with a contemporary twist. Expect it to come equipped with LED headlights and taillights, a digital instrument cluster, touchscreen infotainment, and advanced safety features.

The Jimmy EV will be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack offering a range of approximately 300-400 km on a single charge. Additionally, fast-charging technology will allow it to charge up to 80% in about an hour. An exciting feature for adventurers will be the four-wheel-drive system, enhancing its off-road capabilities. The Jimmy EV is expected to hit the Indian market in the near future at an estimated price of around Rs. 15 lakh.

  • Maruti Futuro E

Maruti Suzuki has another EV in the pipeline – the Futuro E, a compact SUV first showcased as a concept at the Auto Expo 2020. Boasting a futuristic design and sleek coupe-like silhouette, the Futuro E will flaunt LED headlights, taillights, a captivating grille with blue accents, and eye-catching dual-tone alloy wheels.

Under the hood, the Futuro E will rest on Maruti’s HEARTECT platform, offering a spacious cabin with ample headroom and legroom for five passengers. Features will include a digital instrument cluster, touchscreen infotainment with smartphone connectivity, and various safety measures like airbags, ABS, EBD, and parking sensors.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, the Futuro E will offer a range of around 130 km on a single charge, with fast-charging support to reach 80% in about an hour. The front-wheel-drive system will ensure efficient performance and handling. The estimated price for the Futuro E is around Rs. 9 lakh.

  • Tesla Model S

Tesla, the pioneering force behind electric cars, is set to make its highly anticipated entry into the Indian market with the spectacular Model S. This flagship sedan is a perfect amalgamation of luxury and performance, packed with cutting-edge features like Autopilot, Full Self-Driving Capability, Ludicrous Mode, Bioweapon Defence Mode, and Sentry Mode.

Exhibiting a sleek, aerodynamic design, the Model S offers a spacious and luxurious cabin accommodating five adults in utmost comfort. The centerpiece of the interior is the 17-inch touchscreen infotainment system, controlling almost all car functions. The 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster displays crucial information like speed, range, navigation, and driving mode.

The Model S, featuring an all-wheel-drive system powered by two electric motors, comes in four variants: Long Range, Plaid, Plaid+, and Performance. Depending on the variant, the range varies from 593 km to over 837 km on a single charge, with acceleration times ranging from 1.99 to 3.8 seconds for the 0-100 km/h sprint. The estimated price for the Model S is around Rs. 1.5 crore.

  • Mahindra e20 NXT

A frontrunner in India’s EV revolution, Mahindra is set to launch the e20 NXT, a refreshed version of its existing e20 EV. With a quirky and boxy design targeting young urban buyers, the e20 NXT features LED headlights, taillights, and funky alloy wheels.

Inside, the e20 NXT ensures comfort for four passengers with a user-friendly digital instrument cluster, touchscreen infotainment system with smartphone connectivity, and various safety features.

The e20 NXT derives its power from a 72V lithium-ion battery pack, providing a range of approximately 140 km on a single charge. Fast-charging technology enables it to recharge up to 80% in about an hour. The three-phase induction motor, along with the front-wheel-drive system, delivers decent performance and handling. The expected price for the e20 NXT is around Rs. 6 lakh.

  • Kia Niro EV

Kia, having made a strong impression in India with models like Seltos and Sonet, is set to introduce its electric offering – the Niro EV. A compact crossover, the Niro EV promises utility, convenience, and an exhilarating driving experience. Already making waves in international markets, it has garnered positive reviews from critics and customers alike.

Sporting a sleek and aerodynamic design, the Niro EV offers a premium cabin for five adults, equipped with a digital instrument cluster, touchscreen infotainment with smartphone connectivity, and an array of safety features.

The Niro EV offers two battery options: a 39 kWh pack with a range of around 289 km and a 64 kWh pack with a range of around 455 km on a single charge. Both battery packs support fast charging, achieving 80% capacity in about an hour. The Niro EV, powered by an electric motor, delivers either 136 PS or 204 PS of power, with a front-wheel-drive system ensuring thrilling performance and acceleration. The estimated price for the Niro EV is around Rs. 15-20 lakh.


These five upcoming EV cars are poised to revolutionize the Indian mobility landscape, offering zero emissions, low running costs, high performance, and smart features. With their distinct appeals and competitive price points, they cater to various segments and budgets, making the transition to electric driving an exciting prospect for Indian consumers. Embrace the change and gear up for an electrifying future on Indian roads!

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