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Bestune Xiaoma Mini EV: Know What This 3.5 lakh Car is Offering

by Shatakshi Gupta

The electric vehicle market is growing by leaps and bounds, with an ever-increasing product roster of established automobile players as well as new entrants. You often read about premium to mid-range EV cars but rarely find a super-budget car. Today we are going to tell you about one such compact and super pocket-friendly electric car. Lately, China’s First Auto Works (FAW) introduced the Bestune Xiaoma Mini EV, a worthy contender in the world of micro-electric cars. Let’s dive into what makes this tiny titan a game-changer.

Compact Competitor

FAW’s Bestune Xiaoma is geared up to take on the mighty Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, a best-seller in China’s microcar scene. With a price range between 30,000 to 50,000 Yuan (approximately ₹3.47 lakh to ₹5.78 lakh), the Bestune Xiaoma offers an attractive and budget-friendly option.

Design of Xiaoma Mini EV:

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The Xiaomi Small Electric stands out with its charming boxy profile and a dual-tone color palette that adds a touch of playfulness. Notable design features include bold square headlamps with rounded corners and aerodynamic wheels, designed to maximize efficiency. The rear of the car continues the cohesive theme with matching tail lamps and a bumper that ties it all together.

This petite powerhouse made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year, turning heads with its sleek hardtop design. Although there were talks of a convertible version, for now, it’s all about the hardtop. Inside, a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a chic dual-tone dashboard make the cabin a comfortable and stylish space

Power and Performance of Xiaoma Mini EV:

What’s under the hood? The Bestune Xiaoma rests on the Xiaoma FME platform, specially crafted to accommodate EV and range extender models. This platform comes in two versions, A1 and A2, catering to different wheelbases. The EV variant boasts an impressive range of over 800 kilometers, while the extender model pushes it further to 1200 kilometers. Both versions are built on an 800 V architecture for optimal performance.

Powering this micro-EV is a single 20 kW electric motor placed at the rear axle. The vehicle relies on a lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery sourced from Goshan and REPT, although more details about the powertrain are still under wraps. Safety isn’t compromised, with a driver-side airbag and a 3-door configuration. When it comes to dimensions, the Bestune Xiaoma measures 3000mm in length, 1510mm in width, 1630mm in height, and boasts a wheelbase of 1,953mm.

In the EV vehicle segment, eco-friendliness and budget-friendliness often collide, and the Bestune Xiaoma Mini EV gracefully bridges the gap. The car is absolutely not for a family trip or a flexing prop; however, it can certainly fulfill your short-journey travel needs and navigate you well in overwhelming traffic.

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