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Sony Vision-S 02: After Sedan Sony Unveils Its Electric SUV; Specifications And Other Details

by Shatakshi Gupta

The electric vehicle market around the world is so hot these days. Aside from the established automobile markers, global tech houses are also entering this segment. You have heard that tech companies like Apple, Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo and OnePlus are going to come up with electric vehicles in the near future, but now in this segment, Japan’s smart technology company Sony has also entered. The company has introduced its new electric SUV Sony Vision-S 02 to the world at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022.

Earlier, Sony had introduced the Vision-S electric SUV in the year 2020. Let’s have a look at the features of this car. For its upcoming electric vehicles portfolio, Sony has also planned to bring a new company named Sony Mobility Inc and in the future, Sony’s electric vehicles will be launched in the market under the new banner.


AI meets electric power:

The primary focus of the company is on autonomous driving cars while keeping safety and entertainment at the core. Sony’s sophisticated artificial intelligence as well as robotics technology will be seen in its upcoming cars. All the cars of Sony will be equipped with 5G and work on cloud-based real-time data.

Features of Vision S 02:

  • Design: Following the design of Vision S, the car front comes with a raised lip with a black grille surrounded by air-scoops that allow passage to the wheels. Between the leaf-shaped headlights, a full-width LED DRL strip runs. Sony Mobility logo sits in the middle of this LED strip. The car has sloped roofing that ends in a fastback style. This car has been built on the newly-designed EV platform, which has been prepared by automotive supplier Magna.
  • Dimensions and power: Sony Vision-S 02 is a 7 seater SUV that is 192.7 inches long, 76 inches wide 65 inches in height. The ground clearance of this car is 6.2 inches. In this, two electric batteries will generate 268.2hp.
  • Entertainment: The car comes with 360-degree reality audio, dashboard sized panoramic screen infotainment system that comes with multiple streaming services as well as full-scale video games.

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  • Safety: The car comes with a Level 2+ driver assistance system that recognises traffic signals, facilitates self-parking, and allows auto lane change. This Sony car is equipped with 40 types of sensors inside and outside, along with multiple widescreen displays that provide 360 surrounding outside view. For better safety car houses a digital mirror which is a combination of camera and display. With over the air updates, this car can achieve level 4 auto driving in future. The car has been fitted with Time of Flight (ToF) sensors, which can recognize people standing inside and outside the car. Sony has named its safety features as “Safety Cocoon Concept”, which can recognize objects approaching 360 degrees of the car. 

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