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CES 2022: These lesser-known featured futuristic gadgets will take your breath away

by Shatakshi Gupta

CES 2022 was expected to be held with great pomp and show. Brands across the world teased amazing gadgets that would have shown at CES, but due to a sudden uptick in COVID cases, CES saw mass cancellations and withdrawals. With limited in-person presence, many companies installed theirs to digital booths. CES even announced it would end a day early.

Many futuristic and cutting edge technologies were displayed here. From colour changing cars to top-notch laptops were introduced which everyone is talking about. But there were also some gadgets that didn’t make headlines. Despite attracting lesser limelight, these enthralling gadgets will take your heart.

  • Automatic Y-brush

 The Y-Brush has been developed by the French company in 3 years. Approved after multiple in vitro and clinical trials. The brush has 35,000 nylon bristles which are made on NylonMade technology. This brush cleans your teeth in 10 seconds. This was the second-time Y-brush appeared at CES.

  • Baby sleep trainer

 Japanese company FirstAscent has showcased its AI-powered Baby Sleep Trainer. It will tell you when your baby is hungry and try to recognize the baby’s different emotions. This will let you know if your baby is hungry, sleepy, angry, bored or uncomfortable.

  • Samsung bot

Samsung has been working on this home assistant robot for the past several years. The highlight of this home robot is that it will help you in small household chores like serving you water, putting your dirty clothes in the washing machine, changing the flowers of the pot etc.

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  • Razer Zephyr Pro mask

This high-tech face mask not only protects against pollution, bacteria and coronavirus but is aesthetically very appealing. The mask is transparent in front, with two chambers for air. The new mask from the gaming major adds voice amplification. The additional RBG lighting is cherry on the top.

  • Brain scanner

 Korean company iMediSync has launched an integrated brain scanner. It was designed as a helmet equipped with EEG sensors, powered by AI deep learning algorithms. It tells the status of the brain activity in 10 minutes.

  • Moen smart faucet

From Moen Smart Water Network a smart faucet was introduced. This is a completely contactless faucet. The highlight of this faucet is that you can control the flow as well as the temperature of the  with hand motion.

  • TCL smart glasses

The TCL Nxtwear Air are smart glasses that will hit the market soon. The function of this smart wearable is to act as an auxiliary display for your phone or tablet. The glasses consist of full hd Micro OLED screens providing a view similar to a 140-inch screen from a distance of four meters. These glasses are in-house theatres.

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