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Types of Electric Vehicles available in market

by Shatakshi Gupta

The popularity of electric vehicles is increasing worldwide. For the promotion of sales and production, the companies are also getting help from governments. Well, of course, Electric Vehicles are much better than conventional vehicles in many aspects. If you too are planning to buy an electric vehicle, you must know the types of electric vehicles available in the market. Here we will tell the difference between the different kinds of EVs.

Types of EVs:

Battery based electric Vehicle:

BEV or Battery Electric Vehicle is charged by external electricity, it does not require any fuel to run. These vehicles are charged with the help of a plug-in and the motor power of these vehicles is completely dependent on the battery. There is no need for any kind of fuel. However, once the battery of the vehicle is exhausted, your vehicle won’t run until you recharge its battery.

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  • Instead of burning fossil fuels these run on rechargeable batteries.
  •  These are almost noise-free vehicles.
  • These are the most eco-friendly vehicles at present.


  • Not an ideal choice for long journeys.
  • Charging infrastructure is currently insufficient.
  • Higher battery capacity makes them heaviest in class.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles:

In this, besides the electric motor, there is also an internal combustion engine. In HEV vehicles, the engine runs on the battery as long as there is power in the battery, when the battery is exhausted, the hybrid engine is started. Notably, the IC engine does not supply direct power to the motor, it first starts the generator and then the generator charges the battery which supplies power to the motor.


  • Use less fuel than completely fuel-based vehicles.
  • It has a Regenerative Braking System, due to which the battery starts charging again when it gets exhausted.


  • Due to extra mechanical parts, their maintenance cost is much higher.
  • Their battery replacement is also expensive.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

 Plug-in HEVs are a type of HEVs, the only difference is that the size of the battery in these is bigger than that of HEV and it can also be charged by an external electricity plug-in.



  • These use very less fuel than other vehicles.
  • Battery recharging is faster in these vehicles.
  • These are the perfect battery vehicles for long-range.


  • These vehicles are the most expensive among EVs.
  • Needs extra care and maintenance.
  • As these cars have both fuel and batteries, it makes them more vulnerable to fire during any collision.

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