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Big leap! Quantum batteries Will Eliminate The Need For Charging Battery

by TurboCrush Desk

Back in 2019, Researchers from the University of Alberta and Toronto had succeeded in creating a blueprint for a “quantum battery” that does not require charging.  Although this battery is not ready yet, scientists have only prepared its outline, but when this battery will come into existence, it will completely revolutionize the field of energy and associated devices.

Quantum batteries are novel energy storage devices that work on the principles of quantum physics, the science that deals with quantum particles, where the laws of classical physics often fail.

Soon it will be a reality:

Quantum batteries are now one step closer to reality, with evidence of the idea of superabsorption presented by an international team of researchers.

Superabsorption is the foundational concept for the creation of quantum batteries. Superabsorption means if molecules can absorb light at blazing fast speeds, they can be used to build quantum batteries which charge at unbelievable speeds.

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Lead researcher Dr  James Quach said, “Superabsorption is the idea that the rate at which the light can be absorbed by the molecule, actually increases as you increase the number of molecules.”

He described Superabsorption as a “counterintuitive and powerful concept”.

The discovery is instrumental in a way as it lay the foundation stone of superior batteries. If we go by this experiment, the bigger the battery the faster will be its charging. Moreover, batteries will get charged from ambient light in a room.

What are Quantum Batteries, by the way?

 A quantum battery is a small nano-sized battery used in very small, nano-scale devices.  In principle, it is possible to create a quantum battery that never loses its charge, allowing it to be used for a long time after a single charge.

As of now the lithium-ion batteries, which provide energy to our smartphones and other major appliances rely on electrochemical principles, while quantum batteries rely only on quantum physics. On the other hand, the quantum battery could be of great benefit for many quantum devices such as a quantum computer.

The principle involved in Quantum Batteries:


 Quantum battery works by using the power of “Excitonic Energy”.  The excitonic energy is the state in which an electron absorbs a sufficiently charged photon of light.  Scientists told that in order for the battery not to lose charge, the battery should be such that it does not allow the energy stored inside it to be evaded easily. The dark state is the most important for preparing this quantum network.

For achieving this efficiency, it is essential to build such environment inside a ‘dark state’, a quantum battery can do this job well because this state does not exchange energy with its surrounding environment due to darkness.  In other words, this system limits every effect of the environment. Since the dark state does not allow photons of light to be absorbed or released. This stops the wastage of energy. Using this model, scientists have tried to show how it is possible to store energy without wasting it.

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