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Harley electrified the hopes of bikes enthusiasts with its new electric bike S2 Del Mar

by Shatakshi Gupta

The S2 Del Mar is the most economical electrical bike ever from Harley Davidson’s electric bike division, LiveWire. The Del Mar is predicated on the company’s new Arrow platform, which permits it to develop new models by simply dynamical motor, battery, and physical science. The Del Mar is marketed as a trendy town bike with a range of roughly one hundred sixty kilometers on one charge. Let’s have a closer look at this bike.


The S2 Del Mar is the maiden vehicle to feature the company’s innovative Arrow design. The electrical motor, battery pack, and electronics systems are all combined into one unit, which then acts as the chassis. As a result, the Arrow design is versatile, it’ll be employed by LiveWire to develop a range of electrical vehicles in the future. The S2 takes 44% less time to build than the LiveWire One.

While the company has not unmasked all the highlights, it claims that the S2 Del Mar includes a “targeted power” of 80hp and may touch 100kmph from 0kmph in just 3.5 seconds. Each, the Launch Edition as well as the production versions will have constant performance. Additionally, the bike can receive Over the Air (OTA) updates over time.

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The battery efficiency of the Del Mar within the town is anticipated to achieve 160 km. Makers, however, have not explicitly told how long it takes to completely charge the battery, but the S2 Del Mar will support L1 and L2 charging.

Harley-Davidson describes the S2 Del Mar as Urban Street Tracker, a mix of urban and flat following motorcycle ideas. The design includes a rectangular LED light, a flyscreen higher than it, and a fuel-tank-shaped panel that sits over the battery and engine unit.

Pricing and Availability:

As far as its availability in India, there is no word from Livewire. There are very thin chances of its launch in India. However, the bike is so popular, that all the 100 units got sold within 2 minutes of launch. S2 Del Mar will be out within the USA beginning in 2023. The regular S2 Del Mar, on the other hand, is available within the USA at $15,000.

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