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These are the top 3 Electric Cruiser Bikes available in India

by Shatakshi Gupta

One of the choices you’ll need to make while shopping for a new bike is the type. Motorcycles come in a variety of designs, including street, off-road, and dual-purpose models. There are various sub-types of each of these types, with cruisers being a sub-type of street bikes.

Cruiser bikes have a different fan base, and luckily enough these bikes are now available in electric options too. Today in this article, we will share three of the best electric cruiser bikes available in India.

Reasons to choose a cruiser bike:

These are the most comfortable bikes:

Comfort is one of the main benefits of cruisers. Cruisers, as the name implies, are made for lengthy journeys on smooth, level terrain. They promote a pleasant, carefree riding style that many riders favor. For just this reason, you should stay with a cruiser if you intend to ride your motorcycle far distances. Cruisers are unequalled in this category for comfort.

Style statement

There is no disputing that cruisers are fashionable. Some motorcyclists even contend that cruisers are the most fashionable type of bike there is. To give a cruiser a more distinctive, individualised look, you may also embellish it with chrome bits, logos, and other accessories.

Easy to drive

The fact that some cruisers are beginner-friendly is just one more benefit of riding one. All motorcycles have a slight learning curve at first, but novices will pick things up faster on a smaller, entry-level cruiser. A cruiser is easier to ride for new learners because of its low seats and low centre of gravity.

Best CRUISER BIKES available in India

Ranger Komaki

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The Ranger, Komaki’s first electric cruiser bike, was introduced last year. It has a few features and a traditional cruiser-style appearance.

The Komaki Ranger’s design, which includes low seats, wide tyres, and swept-back handlebars, appears to be influenced by large ICE cruiser bikes. The Komaki Ranger is supported by a telescopic fork, two shock absorbers, and alloy wheels at each end.

The company equipped the Ranger with a 4kWh battery, which is said to provide about 200km on a single charge, in order to address range anxiety. A 4kW motor is already connected to the battery.

Cruise control, a round digital screen, a Bluetooth-enabled audio system, gear modes, LED lights, and disc brakes are among the features offered by this bike. Additionally, a mobile charging unit and two Sound pipes with flame effects are included.

The price for the Komaki Ranger begins at Rs. 1.68 Lakh (Ex-Showroom). There is only one Komaki Ranger variation available: STD.

Earth Energy EV Evolve R

The Earth Energy EV firm in Mumbai has unveiled the Evolve R, its first electric cruiser.

The Evolve R has relaxed ergonomics and a muscular design because it is a cruiser. Front and rear disc brakes are included as standard, as well as ABS.

According to the manufacturer, the Evolve R has a top speed of 110 kmph and produces 16.99 ps of power and 54 Nm of torque. It is the most potent Earth Energy product available due to these figures.

Additionally, while having a large 115Ah battery, the electric bike’s claimed range of 100 km is a little lower. However, the battery takes 2.5 hours to fully charge using a standard charger as opposed to only 40 minutes using a fast charger.

The Evolve R is technologically advanced, with a 5-inch digital instrument cluster that shows battery life, speed, and adaptable range. Along with LED lights, turn-by-turn navigation is also included as standard. Additionally, Earth EV has a specific app for this bike.

The price for the Earth Energy EV Evolve R begins at Rs. 1.42 Lakh (Ex-Showroom). There is just one STD model of the Earth Energy EV Evolve R available.

Cyborg Yoda

One of the most praised and well-liked Cyborg bikes available in India is the Yoda. There is just one available version.

Yoda measures 2250 mm in length, 780 mm in width, and 820 mm in height. Its front and rear tyres measure 110/70-17 and 140/70-17, respectively.

Dual telescopic front fork suspensions with 110/70-17 front and rear tyres are on Cyborg Yoda. It includes Alloy wheels. Yoda’s performance is supported by an automatic transmission. The bike has a 150 kg hauling capacity.

The Cyborg Yoda generates a max power of 8.5 KW. Talking about speed, Yoda touches the top speed of 90km/hr. The bike touches the speed of 0 to 40 km/hr in 3 seconds.

 Cyborg Yoda comes with a 72 V 3.2 kWh battery and offers a range of 150 km on a single charge. The battery gets fully charged in 4-5 hrs with the help of a 15amp fast charger. It also comes with a BMS battery, which means you’ll be able to monitor battery details on app. Moreover, you can easily swap the battery in this bike.

Other functions include, sound change in the bike and keyless ignition. The bike comes with different modes-Eco, Normal, Sports, Reverse, and Cruise Control.

Cyborg Yoda is currently available in a single variant with two color options, i.e, black and silver for Rs. 1.85( ex-showroom).

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