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Upcoming electric bikes from renowned manufacturers in India

by Shatakshi Gupta

In India, we tend to think of low-powered, short-range scooters when we think about electric two-wheelers. That is no longer the case, though, as legitimate automakers introduce potent electric motorcycles in the nation. Although there are now fewer alternatives for electric bikes, this will soon change. Here are the latest updates on future electric motorcycles from well-known manufacturers.

Bike from Energica

Within the following two years, Energica Motor plans to penetrate the Indian market. According to reports, the well-known Italian maker of electric motorcycles Energica is actively considering ways to join the Indian market and plans to do so by 2024. In order to have an office in India, the marque is considering a relationship with reputable Indian OEMs.

Energica was once a CRP Group project. But by 2014, it had transformed into a full-fledged producer of electric motorcycles. The company has achieved significant advancements in the field of electric vehicle technology and produces the world’s most luxurious electric motorcycles.

The newest networking technology is integrated into Energica’s motorcycles, and the company has had success with EV powertrains as well. Fast charging is standard on all of Energica’s motorcycles, and the company recently released what is likely the first luxury electric motorcycle in the world that is specifically designed for touring.

The Energica Experia claims to have a range of up to 418 kilometres, which is amazing. The Energica Experia can perform well with a quick charge while having a real-world highway range of more than 250 kilometres, as its complete charging time is only 40 minutes. This is ground-breaking because it brings the range of electric motorcycles practically on line with that of conventional petrol-powered motorcycles.

The brand is considering a relationship with an Indian OEM for its entry into India. The CEO of Energica Motor, Livia Cevolini, was mentioned in a Financial Express article as saying, “The company has attracted attention from OEMs in India.”

Electric bike from Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is putting a lot of effort into developing new goods for both current and future platforms, as well as aiming to build new products that are driven by future mobility solutions.

However, the intentions for the Chennai-based company’s upcoming EV products are remain under wraps. There have been numerous years of rumours that Royal Enfield has been working on different EV platforms at their U.K. headquarters, but not a single piece of information or leak about what is taking place behind closed doors has surfaced.

Mr. Siddharth Lal, the MD of Royal Enfield, has provided a number of small hints and/or confirmations in which he has revealed that the company has been working on several electric products. The new products will maintain the company’s design language and exude an old-fashioned charm combined with modern technology.

In order to achieve their goal of releasing their first electric motorcycle by 2025, Royal Enfield has intensified their push for the electric future. They have created a new Electric Business Vertical and are pouring in some “significant investment.”

While Royal Enfield and their parent company, Eicher Motors, are still finishing up their significant investment programme, both of these organisations have applied for a PLI scheme (under the Champion OEM category), which would require a total investment of INR 2000 crores over the course of five years.

Bike from Kawasaki

The first electric motorcycle that Kawasaki will shortly release on the market has been given a sneak peek. The electric motorbike prototype, which was unveiled at the most recent Intermot motorcycle trade show in Cologne, Germany, will go on sale before the end of the year and is a part of Kawasaki’s strategy to sell more than 10 electric and hybrid motorcycles by 2025.

When the EV prototype is released to the public, it will be the electric equivalent of a 125 cc motorbike and will have a straightforward design that doesn’t shout. In fact, one may be persuaded to believe that it has a small-capacity combustion engine tucked away beneath some dark bodywork. The EV Prototype’s design and frame are in fact very close to those of the Kawasaki Z400.

Until the road-going bike is unveiled before the end of the year, technical details regarding the prototype or the production model that will come after have not yet been disclosed. The production bike is anticipated to resemble the EV Prototype almost exactly.

At Intermot, Kawasaki Motors Europe managing director Masaya Tsuruno discussed the company’s goals and revealed that three electric vehicles will be unveiled internationally by the end of 2022. He continued by saying that even though Kawasaki is working on electric bikes, it won’t yet give up on internal combustion engines and is thinking about using e-fuel and biofuels.

Electric bike from Ola

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Ola Electric, based in Bengaluru, has reiterated its plans to establish itself as a full-service electric vehicle manufacturer. It has stated that it will enter the market for e-motorcycles by the end of 2023 and for cars by December 2024.

Ola Electric’s founder, Bhavish Aggarwal, stated that the company plans to establish itself in the three market segments of mass, mid-segment, and premium superbikes.

 “I have analysed the market for motorcycles priced between Rs 80,000 and Rs 10 lakh, and such hyper-segmentation in EVs is not required. We will be making an announcement by the end of next year about a new area of technology that can be used to bikes,” he said.

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