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PMV EaS-E EV: Check out the most affordable electric car in India, costs less than 5 lakhs

by Shatakshi Gupta

A new electric car, or more precisely a quadricycle, has been unveiled by Mumbai-based EV start-up PMV Electric amid the country’s increase in EV use. The new PMV EaS-E EV is a small-sized EV with a unique appearance that includes round headlamps, an LED light strip that extends the length of the vehicle, and thin LED lamps. With space for two adults and, at most, one child, the electric car is hailed as being the smallest electric vehicle in India.

The Tata Tiago EV is significantly more expensive than the PMV EaS-E, which makes it the most affordable electric vehicle in the sector in India with a price of Rs 4.79 lakh (ex-showroom). Customers who are interested can pre-book the electric vehicle from the PMV Electric website for just Rs 2,000. The PMV EaS-E already has approximately 6,000 pre-orders, according to the company. The Eas-E will be produced at the company’s Pune facility, and PMV plans to begin deliveries by the middle of 2023. Additionally, a 3-year/50,000-kilometer warranty is included.

Let’s  have a close look at all of its specifications and features.

PMV Eas-E EV specifications:

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The battery capacity of Eas-E  hasn’t been revealed by PMV, although the company did note that the microcar includes a 48V lithium-iron-phosphate battery. The onboard charger, according to PMV, can charge the Eas-E using a 15A outlet in less than four hours.

The microcar comes with three claimed range options: 120, 160, and 200 km. According to PMV, the Eas-E will cost less than 75 paise per km to operate.

The PMV Eas-E is narrower than the Bajaj Qute, the other quadricycle that is currently offered in India, which is 1,312mm wider. The Eas-E is bigger than the Qute in all other dimensions. Compared to the Bajaj, which is 2,752mm long and 1,652mm tall, the PMV is 2,915mm long and 1,600mm tall. The Eas-E has a 2,080mm wheelbase and a 170mm ground clearance.

To put things in perspective, the Tata Nano, another small car sold in India, had dimensions of 3,099 mm in length, 1,495 mm in width, and 1,652 mm in height. It also had a 2,230 mm wheelbase and a 180 mm ground clearance.


The Eas-E is a quadricycle, so the handbrake is located to the left of the manually adjustable driver’s seat, and the steering wheel is mounted in the middle of the dashboard. The majority of the switchgear on the steering wheel and console appears to have been taken from a Honda parts bin. The Eas-E also features an LCD digital instrument cluster and an infotainment screen with smartphone connectivity and integrated navigation.

The Eas-front E’s end features a blanked-off grille design with LED daytime running lamps. It has a single windscreen wiper and two circular headlamps. The microcar looks short and stumpy from the side, and its window line swoops upward at the C-pillar. It also receives two circular auxiliary lamps in the rear bumper in addition to a thin LED lightbar for its taillights. The microcar is offered in both single-tone and two-tone colour schemes.

Features of the PMV EaS-E electric car:

Feet Free Mode

The “E Feet Free Mode” of the EaS-E is thought to be its most intriguing and unique feature. In contrast to normal EVs and automatic cars that have a creep function to move forward in slow-moving traffic, it includes steering-mounted controls to switch between speeds of up to 20 kmph so that your feet don’t leave the stop and accelerator pedals.

Lots of doors

The PMV EV’s story takes a turn when it comes to the quantity of seats and doors. The EaS-E features four doors but only two seats, unlike some small or compact electric vehicles that have a two-door design with four seats. Additionally, the centre of the centre console is where the steering wheel is located. The steering wheel is also situated in the middle of the centre console.

Many remote controlled functions

The EV has a starting price of less than Rs 5 lakh, but the automaker has crammed it with a variety of intriguing features. The doors, windows, air conditioning, and even the ability to turn on and off the headlights may all be controlled remotely or through telematics in the PMV EaS-E.

Parking assistance with key

Another item to note is the availability of remote park support at this price tier. It is the only car in India that provides this convenience at this pricing. By moving forward or backward in a straight line, as seen on high-end cars, the EaS-remote E’s parking assistance, which are controlled by an app on a smartphone, park or manoeuvre the vehicle out of confined spaces.

Competitors of PMV Eas-E EV: As an electric quadricycle, the PMV Eas-E has no direct competitors at this time. The Bajaj Qute, a quadricycle powered by an internal combustion engine, is the only other competitor it has.

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