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A prototype of Xiaomi’s first electric car will be unveiled in China soon

by TurboCrush Desk

In 2016, Xiaomi unveiled its first electric car, a scooter. The scooter, known as the Xiaomi M365 or Mi Electric Scooter, has the same appearance as one of those push-scooters that the majority of us used to ride when we were kids. The Chinese tech giant is getting ready to reveal the prototype of its first electric car after almost five years.

What are the company’s plans?

The massive Chinese company committed heavily to the market for electric vehicles last year, promising to invest $10 billion over the following ten years. Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, is anticipated to reveal the company’s first electric vehicle prototype sometime in August.

HVST Automobile Design, who also created the WM Motor Maven concept car, created the vehicle. The prototype is scheduled for thorough road testing after the reveal, and we may anticipate the start of a Xiaomi car PR campaign.

The real production of these EVs has yet to begin, not even in China. In China’s Yizhuang province, the Xiaomi Auto production facility and R&D centre still need to be constructed. According to experts and journalists, the factory and test centre will be finished by year’s end, and Xiaomi’s first consumer-market vehicles will roll off the assembly line between 2024 and 2025.

Will it be seen on Indian roads?

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Given how the Indian market has shifted toward EVs over the past several years, there is a significant likelihood that the vehicle will even be sold there.

For its battery technology, India today primarily depends on Chinese manufacturers. We only began manufacturing our own battery cells in March or April of 2022, which, even under ideal conditions, is insufficient to meet the rapaciously rising demand of the EV ecosystem in India.

It will be interesting to observe how China’s Xiaomi does in the Indian electric vehicle industry and whether or not they decide to establish a production facility there. The first electric vehicle from Xiaomi won’t arrive in India for at least 5 years.

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