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This Vaccine Patch Is More Effective And Painless Than Conventional Vaccine; Will Be Helpful To Those Who Fear Needles

by Shatakshi Gupta

On this website, we usually talk about bizarre scientific advancements around the world. Well, continuing the trend, today we will be throwing light on a unique and scientific alternative to conventional vaccines.

Scientists around the world are working to reduce the fear of needles or Trypanopbobia during vaccination. To mitigate the fear and pain of needles, American scientists have designed a 3D printed vaccine patch. Which will make it easier to vaccinate without pain. The vaccine patch has been developed jointly by Stanford University and the University of North Carolina in the US. Its trial will be started soon. The first trial will be on animals. Scientists have sought approval in America for this. 

Triggers immune response faster

Scientists claim that this vaccine patch gives an immune response 10 times faster than an intramuscular vaccine. When the vaccine reaches the body with the help of the patch, the response of T-cells and antibodies has been faster than the vaccine injected into the body through a needle.  

Researchers say, with the help of this patch, the vaccine can be delivered directly to the immune cells of the skin.  Which is an ideal condition for the vaccine to function.

 During Its trial, the rat was vaccinated with the help of a patch and the antibody response was very fast.

How does it work?

The vaccine patch has very fine 3D printed micro-needles. The vaccination is done by placing this patch on the skin.  The vaccine reaches the body directly through the skin with the help of very fine micro needles. The pain felt in this process is much less compared to the normal needle, more like a sensation.

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Researchers working on this project say that in the changing age of technology, we need to reduce the discomfort caused by the fear of needles.Along with this, the amount of vaccine dose can also be reduced which implies wider distribution of vaccines. Moreover, with the help of patches, people can vaccinate themselves, as it doesn’t require professional training. This will reduce the burden on health professionals.

Talking abouttheelimination of the fear of needles,as we have talked about in one of our articles, Scientists at the University of California Riverside in the US are developing a plant vaccine. Scientists are trying to give the mRNA vaccine of corona through plants.

Is this necessary?

For those who do not fear needles, this invention may sound preposterous. But this fear is genuine. In fact, 10 percent of people are not getting the vaccine due to fear of needles. This has come to the fore in the Oxford Coronavirus Explanations, Attitudes and Narratives survey.In people suffering from this phobia, the blood pressure starts falling by just seeing the injection needle, it also increase nervousness and restlessness. In many cases, the person even faints.

 A survey conducted on 15,000 people in England revealed that a one-fourth of these people were afraid of needles. The youth and minorities are most afraid of needles.

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