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2 Wheelers Are Now Becoming Safer; Companies Are Introducing Scooters With Airbags

by TurboCrush Desk

Good news for bike and scooter lovers, Two-wheelers will also get airbags soon for the safety of the rider. For this, auto company Piaggio and automotive safety system company Autoliv is working in collaboration. Both the companies are working on such airbag technology for two-wheelers, that inflates instantly in case of an accident. This will protect the rider from injury and reduce the number of deaths due to bike accidents.

Airbags will open in a fraction of a second

 According to the reports, a two-wheeler airbag will be mounted on the frame in the two-wheeler. In case of an accident, this airbag will open within a second. That is, in case of a collision the rider will not fall of in front of the bike. The shock will be absorbed by the airbags. Autoliv has developed this airbag with advanced simulation tools. It has also been crashed tested on scooters and bikes. Both the companies want to make this airbag even safer for the rider.

It Will be a life-saving tool

Due to airbags in four-wheelers, a large number of lives are saved during the accident. This is not the case in a two-wheeler. In such a situation, people lose their lives when an accident happens. To prevent these accidents, two-wheeler makers are now also striving to provide this feature.

Airbag jackets and pads are available for riders

Although in-built airbags are not something we see in Two-wheelers, for riders’ safety products are still available in the market.

Airbag jackets are available in the market, these jackets are made of strong material and inflate as soon as you get separated from your bike in an instant. These jackets have so far saved many lives.

Moreover, a French engineer has designed jeans for two-wheeler riders. These jeans are equipped with airbags. If the rider wears these jeans while driving, the airbags will be filled with compressed air in the event of a fall. This will result in the least amount of shock to the body on a fall. These airbags have been designed in such a way that they can be reused.

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