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This Brain Implant Enables Humans To Perform Tasks Just By Thinking Of It

by Shatakshi Gupta

We all know that science has no limits, what we think elusive today become reality after a few decades. In the future people might not need to speak, rather they communicate with their minds. Seems impossible? Well, it has become a reality now.

Recently, an Australian Philip O’Keefe, 62, has become the first person in the world to send a message on social media just by thinking. He converted his thought that into a tweet. In the message, he wrote that it is no longer necessary to type or say anything on the keyboard, this message has been created by me only by thinking.

What is Stentrode?

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The implant is a brainchild of Australian neurologist Thomas Oxley, who has been working on this medical implant since 2010. Oxley reported that patients using Stentrode had a clicking accuracy of 93%. They can type 14 to 20 characters every minute just by thinking.

Stentrode or Stent-electrode Recording Array is a small stent-placed electrode array implanted into a blood vessel in the brain. Notably, this implant is done through the jugular vein, so surgery is not needed. The stentrode is implanted through a blood vessel on the neck. These vessels are equipped with sensors that record movements. Signals from the brain reach the transmitter on the chest via telemetry. After processing the signals are converted into computer commands. Eye Tracker helps to navigate the cursor.

Stentrode is undergoing clinical trials for patients who are paralyzed or have lost limb. However, in future, the implant may eventually be used to control powered exoskeletons, robotic structures and other devices.

The device is a boon for people with paralysis

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The upper part of Philip’s body is completely paralyzed.  He is suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) for the last 7 years, due to which he is unable to move his upper limbs. The inception of this implant will change the lives of millions of people like O’Keefe.

This implant can bring a new life to paralyzed people, especially those who are suffering from an extreme stage of paralysis. These people will be able to communicate. Now just think about where to click, people with paralysis will be able to do banking, shopping, sending e-mails etc.

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