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Wireless Charging To Next Level: Gadgets Will Be Charged Just By Entering Into This Room

by Shatakshi Gupta

Gadgets and smart devices have become an indispensable part of our modern-day lifestyle. Their usage has increased so much so that we often don’t find enough time to recharge them. To solve this problem every day new and improved technologies are emerging that provide more battery efficiency and better charging options. In a series of such developments. Today we will tell you about a room in which gadgets get charged automatically.

Soon you will no longer need chargers, plugs, cables and ports to charge laptops, mobile phones and other battery-based gadgets. The gadgets kept in the room will be charged automatically.  Japanese scientists have designed a wireless charging room, in which gadgets will be charged automatically. This whole room is basically a wireless charger. The technology used in this is known as Multimode Quasistatic Cavity Resonance.

Scientists say this is a new type of technology by which a magnetic field can be generated without an electric field. There is no danger of harm to any human or animal present inside the room due to the magnetic field in the room. The aluminium test room was prepared for the new wireless room. In this, power lamps, fans and mobile phones were charged by placing them at different places in the room.

Will provide power up to 50-watt

This 10 by 10 feet wireless charging room, keeping in mind the guidelines of the magnetic field, can provide up to 50 watts of power without causing any harm to humans.  The new wireless charging room acts like a wireless charging pad.

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How does this room function?

Charging takes place with the help of the magnetic field formed by lumped capacitors embedded in cavities in the walls, which themselves are made with conductive surfaces. These capacitors in the walls and the coils present in the phone works in a similar manner as in the case of wireless chargers.

The capacitors embedded in the walls emanate an all direction magnetic field into the room. The electric fields are however trapped inside the capacitors. This generated magnetic field circulates around a copper pole placed at the centre of the room. Coil receivers in the devices fetch this magnetic field and get recharged.

Cost and safety concerns

Well, it is difficult to say because it is still in its initial stage and is going through many developments and betterments. It will take a few years for this technology to be ripe enough.

Researchers said that they have taken special care of safety in the experiment. Efforts will continue to make it more secure in the next phase of research. There is also a controversy surrounding wireless charging technology. A study says magnets and coils are used in such charging. It has also been used in some of Apple’s devices. This can turn off the pacemaker and other devices installed in heart patients, which can have a bad effect on the patient’s health.

However, the makers claim that risk of this happening is low. Magnets are not being used permanently in the wireless charging room but this is not the case in this room. Therefore there is no danger to human health. Researchers say that this is a  new technique in which a low-frequency magnetic field will be created, which will transfer power only to the device.

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