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This Artificial Skin Will Turn Human Into A Chameleon, Will Change Skin Colour According To The Environment

by Shatakshi Gupta

What if Humans can also change colour according to the environment like a chameleon? Well, this sort of camouflage will give a tactical advantage to special forces. Inspired by the chameleon, South Korean scientists have created such an artificial skin that acts like a chameleon. This Artificial skin will change its colour according to the environment through which it is passing.

Scientists from Seoul National University, who prepared it, say that it changes its colour in real-time according to the background.

Tested on a Robotic chameleon

To showcase the accuracy of the skin, scientists have prepared an artificial chameleon with a plastic body. This Chameleon was covered with artificial skin.

During the trial, the artificial chameleon was made to pass through strips of different colours. The body was changing colour according to the band through which this chameleon was passing.

The principle behind this skin:

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Scientists say the skin of this chameleon can recognize and imitate the surrounding colour pattern with the help of heat.

A sensor embedded in the skin of a robotic chameleon detects colours. Tiny nanowires attached to it heat its layer and show the same colour that is closest to the artificial skin.

Researchers believe that this artificial skin can bring a big change. It can also be used for battlefields, fashion shows, cars and buildings.

Will provide super camouflage to soldiers:

The makers suggest that the best use of artificial skin will be for the army personnel. This skin will let them hide from enemies as it will adapt to the surrounding environment.

A long path to go:

Engineers working on this said that the initial study has been completed. The team will now work on its designing soon. The team will work more on whether it can be used in flexible wearables in the future. Wearing clothes prepared from this will also revolutionise the fashion industry.

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