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Sci-fi Or Reality? Have A Look At The World’s First Flying Bike

by TurboCrush Desk

We all have seen a lot about Flying Car and Flying Bikes in our favourite Sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Marvel series, but now it has become a reality. A flying bike has been launched by Japanese start-up A.L.I Technologies which is backed by Mitsubishi. Company has recently unveiled the Xturismo Flying Bike, which is quite spectacular to look at. This spacecraft look-alike bike is a promising solution for ever-increasing traffic jams. Let’s have a closer look at this marvellous bike.

 Look and specifications:

 Xturismo has been launched by drone start-up A.L.I. Technologies. It looks completely different, but since it has handlebars and ergonomics is similar to that of a bike, it is being considered a flying bike. It looks like a film spacecraft, whose look and design are very spectacular.

The weight of the XTURISMO flying bike is around 300 kg, while the length of this flying bike is 3.7 meters, width 2.4 meters and height is 1.5 meters. This hoverbike has 4 electric batteries and 7 rotors.  Upon close inspection, you’ll find six blades to lift off and navigate with two larger blades, front and rear, and two on each side. The company claims that this hoverbike can fly in the air for 30-40 minutes, with a maximum speed of up to 100kmph. As per the official website, the payload capacity of this bike is 100kg in which only one pilot can sit.

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According to media reports, it has been introduced in Japan for around 77.7 million yen (INR 5.2crores). For the price of the Xturismo, many superbikes can be collected. The developers have set a target of selling 200 units of this flying bike by the year 2022. 

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