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This battery in development under Nissan and NASA will be charged fully in 15 minutes; a much-needed for EVs

by TurboCrush Desk

Last month, Nissan had announced that it will stop developing combustion engines and instead focus on electric vehicles. It has now developed an incredibly efficient electric car battery with NASA’s assistance that is set to transform the ecosystem of electric automobiles. Let’s know about this future changing battery.

NASA’s new solid state battery:

Lithium-ion batteries are used in almost all consumer gadgets, including electric scooters, vehicles, and laptops. By 2028, the new all-solid-state battery will attempt to replace lithium-ion batteries and will be stable enough for use in pacemakers. It will also be around half the size of existing battery types and charge fully in just 15 minutes.

NASA researcher Rocco Viggiano told that instead of buying a battery off the shelf, NASA is aiming to create a battery from scratch. Furthermore, the proposed battery must not lose capacity over time or suffer from additional issues such as fire hazard.

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Researcher further told that the proposed solid-state sulphur-selenium battery is low in temperature and doesn’t catch fire. Moreover, these batteries will be lighter than lithium-ion batteries and provide more energy storage. The battery will work efficiently even in harsh climatic conditions. Viggiano said, “it can take a beating and still operate, often in less than ideal conditions.

Nissan claims that the new battery’s pilot launch could happen as soon as 2024 and full production could begin before 2028.

In an earlier attempt, NASA collaborated with Boeing and General Motors to create the “Moon Buggy,” which was used on the Moon during Apollo missions. The battery that is being in development will be useful for both Nissan as well as NASA.

If effective, this battery has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about consumer devices. Consider a phone battery that goes from 0% to 100% in a matter of minutes. The extent of such technological advancements fascinates us.

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