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Don’t go by buzz! Do this maths before buying an EV

by Shatakshi Gupta

If you are thinking of buying a new electric vehicle just to join the bandwagon, then you must think twice. There are a few things you should know before buying an EV. Although EVs are touted as the vehicle of the future, they are still not a fully viable option in India. There are, however, many advantages that anyone can definitely consider buying them. So, you must take a calculated decision before bringing an EV to your home. Here are some factors that you must ponder on for a prudent choice.

Check for the conducive infrastructure:

As you all know that these vehicles work on rechargeable batteries. You will need a special parking lot for your EV. This is because you will only charge the EV whenever you are not using it. In the case of cars, the EV company will install a wall-box in your parking space. Its price is usually added to the car. This box will charge your car overnight. The bike or scooter can be charged more comfortably. Moreover, you must also check the availability of charging spaces at other places of parking.

Compare with your driving range:

If you typically use your EV for commuting to and from home and the office, then this will be the perfect fit for your needs. The cars also get a maximum range of 300 to 450 km.  But if you go out of town frequently for business or any other work, then EV is not a practical option. You may face problems with charging. So keep this factor in mind before buying an EV.

Do your calculations regarding price:

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Although many subsidies are provided for the promotion of EVs, the current prices are much higher than their ICE counterparts. The technology in electric vehicles is developing rapidly, but there are still many factors such as battery cells that are made only by a select few companies. This means that EVs will remain expensive, at least in the foreseeable future. So, if you are a person who changes cars frequently then you should not go for an EV. In the longer term, these EVs can be more profitable seeing the current petrol prices.

Maintenance is another aspect to check:

Maintenance is very important for the vehicle whether it is EV or petrol-diesel. As an electric car has very few moving parts. Essentially just the motor. Battery packs are the most expensive components and can wear out over time. But car manufacturers have the technology to extend battery life. Anyway, companies like Hyundai and Tata Motors are offering up to eight years of warranty on their battery packs. Therefore it is not a matter of concern.

Understand your driving style:

Your EV driving style will also be important. EVs deliver decent performance with a balanced approach. A more heavy ride will affect the EV more than a petrol or diesel vehicle. If you are expecting a heavy performance car then you must go for conventional fuel vehicle.

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