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Pure EV introduces Etryst 350, offers a range of 140km; Check price and features

by Shatakshi Gupta

After a string of electric scooter debuts, Pure EV, an Indian manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, has unveiled its first electric motorcycle. Pure Etryst 350 has been introduced by the company. The new motorcycle will serve as the company’s flagship model. The company’s plant in Hyderabad is producing the bike, which was created and manufactured in India and was inspired by the “Make in India” campaign.

Availability, options, and pricing:

The pricing of the Pure Etryst 350 electric bicycle is Rs. 1,54,999 (ex-showroom). The bike will initially be accessible in all Tier I Indian cities. The bike will allegedly be sold at all 100 of PureEV’s dealerships located across the nation.

There will be a total of three colour choices for the bike, including Punch Black, Tan Red, and Sea Blue. The purchasers’ battery will be covered by a 5 year/50,000 mile warranty. It will be up against electric bikes like the Tork Kratos and Revolt RV400.

Top Speed and Range:

Considered a high-speed electric two-wheeler is the Pure Etryst 350. It has a top speed of 85 kilometres per hour. According to the firm, a single charge should provide 140 kilometres of range. A 3.5 kWh battery that was also created in India powers this bike.

 Etryst Performance:

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The bike will be competitive with counterparts powered by 150cc ICE engines in terms of power figures. It produces 3kW nominally and 4kW at its peak. 150 kg can be loaded onto the bicycle. the includes an 84 V 8A charger as well. The bike can charge in six hours, according to the manufacturer.

The bike will have a total of three drive modes. Drive is one of them; it caps the top speed at 60kmph. The peak speed is capped at 75 kmph in the second mode, which is dubbed Cross Over. The rider receives the most power in the Thrill mode, which allows for a top speed of 85 kmph.

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