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Matter 07: First electric bike with gears in India, Check features and price

by Shatakshi Gupta

A brand-new electric vehicle company has appeared in the Indian market with a bike, Matter 07, that combines modern technology with classic machinery. An EV start up called Matter Energy has introduced its first electric two-wheeler into the Indian two-wheeler industry. The first electric two-wheeler with a manual gearbox is the electric motorcycle from Matter Energy, which is simply known as Matter07 electric bike for the time being. It has an electric powertrain and a 4-speed gearbox.

According to Matter Energy, this electric bike will be its first offering for the Indian market. When it goes on sale formally in the first quarter of 2023, it may also get a new name. The three various varieties of the electric bike are anticipated to be on sale shortly after its launch in April 2023. The next 2023 Auto Expo will feature an electric bike, according to Matter Energy.

Features of Matter 07:


The Matter Energy electric bike boasts an aggressive and sharp-looking design that is reminiscent of many other contemporary roadsters. The Matter Energy electric bike comes equipped with an all-LED headlamp, tail lamp, and turn indicators, just like other contemporary roadsters.

Additionally, the bike has split seats, self-cancelling turn signals, clip-on handlebars, and split grip rails. Four alternative colour schemes will be available for the Matter Energy electric bike: grey with neon, black with gold, blue with gold, and red with black and white.


A 5kWh liquid-cooled battery pack created in India powers the motorcycle. A rapid charger as well as a typical 1kW slow charger are both compatible with this bike, which boasts a range of 125 to 150 kilometres. The slow charger uses a regular 5A plug, allowing for anyplace charging of the vehicle. The regular charger offers overcharge protection and charges in less than five hours. Additionally, the battery complies with safety regulations including AIS 041 and IP65 water resistance.

A four-speed sequential transmission is linked with the Matter bike’s 14bhp electric engine, which is a first for an electric bike in India. It generates an astounding 520Nm. Additionally, it receives a liquid cooling system that, according to Matter, will properly cool the motor. Additionally, a dual cradle frame and front and rear disc brakes with ABS are included to enhance the bike’s handling characteristics.

Other features

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The Matter Energy electric bike will include three different riding modes and a motor combined with a 4-speed manual transmission, a first for an electric motorcycle. Keyless operation is one of the additional characteristics of the electric bike. With a 7.0-inch touch-compatible LCD that includes turn-by-turn navigation, notification alerts, and music playback that are all controlled via buttons on the handlebar-mounted switchgear, the Matter electric bike is a feature-rich vehicle. In order to regularly obtain the newest features, the software on the bike will also be able to receive OTA (Over The Air) upgrades.

Similar to the Chetak e-scooter, the Matter electric bicycle comes with a key fob for keyless operation. The Matter Energy electric bike has a 5-liter storage area in place of a traditional gasoline tank, along with a charging outlet. The bike will be compatible with a proprietary software that gives users access to a wealth of data, including ride metrics, charging progress, and theft detection. The Matter Energy electric bike will offer park assist, as is typical for EVs (reverse functionality).

Future plan of Matter Energy

Over the next five years, Matter will invest Rs 1,500 crore in the Gujarat. Nearly 100 crore rupees have already been invested in the product portfolio, which will include a range of price points.

In the next three to five years, the group expects to release a variety of electric motorbikes, from entry-level models to high-end performance models, according to founder and group CEO Mohal Lalbhai. In the entry-level market, Matter will face off against Torq KratosR & Oben Rorr, and in the high-performance market, Ultraviolette F77.

“Our upcoming models will target the mid- and performance-premium electric motorcycle segment customer who wants the benefits of the EV, a performance greater than the ICE and also wants to showcase their care for the climate,” Lalbhai said.

In order to “assess the client excitement around the brand in the initial phase of the introduction,” Lalbhai said, the business is in the advanced phases of developing higher range and performance electric motorcycles.

The EV manufacturer and The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on next-generation mobility solutions in the areas of functional safety, electronics reliability, and cyber security.

The Matter 07 will be the nation’s first electric two-wheeler to feature ADAS features like blind spot detection and accident notification alert, which are currently only found in high-end performance bikes like BMW, Ducati, or KTM bikes, according to a senior company official who spoke to Autocar Professional on the sidelines of the unveiling.

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