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Charge-Ride-Fold! Have a look at Ducati’s new foldable electric cycle

by TurboCrush Desk

All throughout the world, demand for electric vehicles is rising quickly. Companies are introducing new line-up in the market as per the demand. A innovative electric cycle was recently made available by the venerable Ducati motorbike company. Its unique feature is that it is a foldable electric bicycle. This is the company’s first electric folding bicycle. This MG20 electric bicycle, according to the two-wheeler industry behemoth, was created for commuting in urban areas. In terms of cost, the Ducati MG20 is available for $1,663, which is approximately Rs 1,29,000 in India.

Design and features:

The Ducati MG20 Electric features a very distinctive and fashionable look. The bicycle has sturdy rims and an extremely streamlined, aerodynamic appearance. Its design also features the first-ever motorcycle-style wheels on a bicycle, which adds significantly to its allure. The manufacturer asserts that because of its design and the materials used, it is lightweight and very manageable. The Ducati MG20’s magnesium frame, forks, and rims help to lighten the bike’s overall weight.

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The handlebar has been equipped with a waterproof LCD panel that the rider may use to operate the basic features, such as turning on the lights and selecting one of three pedal help levels. According to Ducati, optical vision and safety are provided by the front LED lamps and reflective strips on the wheels.

This electric bicycle features 20-inch wheels with 2.125-inch cross-section tyres for foldability. These wheels, according to Ducati, have a folding mechanism that takes up very little room.

 Battery and range:

Regarding its power capabilities, it has a built-in 36C 10.5 Ah 378 Wh Samsung battery pack that works in tandem with the 250W electric motor located in the rear of the bicycle. The motor provides the rider with pedal assistance, and the bicycle advertises a range of up to 50 km at a top speed of 25 kmph while operating in full electric mode. According to Ducati, the battery pack may be taken off and charged.

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