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BattRE Storie: A retro look electric scooter stowed with modern features; Comes with 132 km range under 1 lakh

by Shatakshi Gupta

A new scooter Storie has been introduced in India by the electric vehicle manufacturer BattRe. The recently released scooter is a fresh addition to the company’s lineup of electric vehicles, which already includes a bike and electric scooters. This new electric scooter has arrived in response to the rising sales and demand for electric scooters from manufacturers including Ola, Hero Electric, Okinawa, Pure EV, and Komaki. Allow us to provide you with all the pertinent details, such as the pricing, features, and range.

Firstly, know the price

The new Battery Story electric scooter is available for Rs 89,600. State subsidies are excluded from this, though. FAME II supports BattRE Storie. This can be further reduced by state subsidies. The company’s 400 showrooms in 300 cities will soon sell this scooter. More than 30,000 scooters have been sold by Battery so far.


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In terms of power and range, it currently has a Lucas TVS motor and controller. Additionally, it boasts a 3.1kWh battery pack that has AIS 156 approval and a range of up to 132 kilometres on a single charge.

Gone through rigorous thermal testing

Electric scooters have caught fire numerous times in the past. People have died as a result of this. Before releasing this scooter, the manufacturer conducted a 1 lakh km worth of thermal testing in consideration of this. Its goal was to stop a fire from starting. According to the manufacturer, this scooter will boost people’s perceptions of electric two-wheelers.


Speaking of the Storie electric scooter’s features, it offers a number of unique ones, such as Bluetooth connectivity, a smart speedometer, linked drive, a big seat and footboards, and diagnostic summaries.

 It is a commuter electric scooter that the firm has specifically introduced, and it is also extremely appealing to look at. The smart dashboard displays call alerts. Finding the closest charging outlets is made easier by Connected Drive features. For convenience of usage, the network can be accessed using the pay and charge model.

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