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Future Of Employment: AI And Machines Will Take Over These Jobs In Future

by Shatakshi Gupta

We all know that technology is ever-changing and advancing. The things that we used earlier or have been important parts of our life become redundant now.

For instance, earlier there were PCOs in the street and landlines at homes, but they are no more an essential part of our lives now. Similarly, when the internet was new to the world, cybercafes used to be very popular, but today these have become obsolete.

In a nutshell, there are many such things and jobs which were very important in the past but not today. The same will be true for the future as well. Today there are many such things and vocations which will be vanished in future due to technological advancement and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What is AI?

AIcan make computers do such things, which usually require human intelligence. For example: When you upload a photo on social media, it recognises the faces of your friends and suggests tagging them. Other examples of AI are Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and some chat bots.

AI will end these jobs by 2030

According to reports, by the end of 2030, many of the vocations that require human labour will be taken over by AI. So, if you are young and trying to shape up your career, then read this post carefully and plan out your studies and career accordingly. 

Drivers or Chauffeurs

Many automobile companies like Tesla are already selling self-driven electric cars. And in the coming years, this technology will become so mature that it can be implemented in buses and trucks as well. And as soon as this happens, all companies including Ola, Uber will start using never-tiring automated cars, trucks and buses instead of having expensive and exhausted drivers. Also, people having their driver will prefer similar vehicles.

Delivery service

The time is not far when you will look at the sky instead of the gate for your online order delivery. In many pilot projects, companies have completed successful and accurate delivery through drones. Amazon did its first drone delivery in December 2016 itself.

Drones will do the work of delivery in the future. And millions of people who are doing this work right now will be replaced by a few thousand drone operators.

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Unlike, past now we rarely visit our banks for day to day transactions. Mobile apps have put the bank in our hands. Whether to send money, order, order a chequebook, open an FD and even applying for a loan, you can do all these things on your mobile.

Nowadays, you don’t need to go to the bank even to open an account or KYC. For depositing cash, CDMs are there. In such a situation, the banks will not have much need of employees in future.

Travel Agents

Many existing and emerging companies have captured a huge market of travel and tourism. Millions of people book hotels and tickets on these platforms. You are not dependent on anyone even for train and flight bookings. This implies, there will be no need for conventional travel agents in the near future.

Personal Assistant/Secretary

With ever-advancing and developing assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, you won’t need any personal assistant in future. These digital assistants will do all things on your command and will give you daily reminders, schedule your appointments and meetings, will make calls to persons on your command.

That is, in the near future, many such things that are done by PA or which we had to do ourselves, will be done by these assistants.


There was a time when the strength of the army was gauged by the size of the army.But the scenario has been changed completely and will be changed more in future.

Today, countries are spending their defence budget on the advancement of automated weapons and robots. In such a situation, in the future human force requirement in the army will be minimised.

Teachers and trainers

In professions like teaching and training, human intervention can be eliminated to a great extent by designing a good algorithm in such places.

Already we are seeing the role of trainers in the insurance and finance industry has been minimized, they have been replaced by app-enabled tabs. With the spread of smart classes and digital education, the requirement of teachers will be reduced significantly. In future, programmed virtual holographic teachers will take classes. As of today, robots in Japan and Korea are teaching English to children.


You must have heard of 3D Printing technology. In this, you can make anything by making its model on your computer. A 3D printer makes the same thing in the real world that you design on your computer. Already at many places, such printers are even constructing houses.

Apart from this, many sophisticated machines have greatly reduced the role of human labour.

Human Resource

The jobs of HR are also in danger, as many chat bots are now capable of shortlisting candidates by interviewing them. Moreover, AI can also perform other tasks done by HR, like organising functions, keeping employees birthday’s in mind, informing employees about the decisions of top management etc.

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