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These Weapon Technologies Will Transform The Future Warfare

by Shatakshi Gupta

The future of modern warfare gives a silver lining to mankind. The major military powers are striving to develop non-lethal yet damaging weapons. These major powers are working on developing more defensive weapons. The world is no more focusing on a nuclear weapon, airplane or missile. The new trend is to develop weapons based on directed energy.Today, we will talk about some of these upcoming military technologies that will replace the existing arsenal of militaries.

Directed Energy Weapon (DW)

It is a type of weapon that focuses a huge amount of energy and directs it at a target. This energy can range from one kilowatt to thousand kilowatts. You must have seen such types of weapons in Sci-fi movies. These weapons converge a huge amount of energy in form of laser or radiation. This energy is used to destroy enemy’s weapons in which electrical equipment is used. All modern weapons like fighter planes, airplanes, missiles, naval ships, etc. Use electronic components. By the use of electromagnetic radiation weapons, we can paralyse or malfunction the enemy’s weapon.

Laser Weapon

In the modern Weapons of the future, it has emerged as the most dangerous weapon in the world. Through this, a laser beam is released to hit a distant target, which fills it with a temperature of thousands of degrees Celsius in a short time. Due to the increased temperature, the target explodes or breaks into two pieces in a short time. In James Bond movies, you must have seen Bond many times using his wristwatch, through which he cuts the thick iron walls. These laser weapons can destroy the enemy’s missiles and other distant weapons. It can even destroy the enemy’s communication satellites which ultimately makes the enemy’s military ineffective.

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Shock Wave Weapon

As thename suggests this weapon works on the shock wave system. Using this, a shockwave is released toattack the target. The shockwave causes an instant explosion. It acts like a bomb thatdisintegrates the target through shock waves and the target is destroyed in no time.

Sound Wave Weapons

These weapons produce a supersonic sound that can easily tear the eardrums of any human. If this weapon is used in a war-like situation, then it can easily be used to deter the human army, supersonic sounds waves can also destroy many types of equipment. This is one of the most effective non-lethal combat weapons which can be used in a face to face warfare.

Pulsed energy Projectiles

This weapon generates an infrared laser pulse that instantly strikes the target with plasma rays. These plasma pulses consist of a large amount of sound, shock and electromagnetic waves. When this pulse is projected on any person that person feels severe pain and burning, which can also paralyze him.The use of such weapons can force the soldiers of the enemy army to leave the field and run away.

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