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You Will Be Able To Control Cars With Your Brain; Look At These 4 Futuristic Cars Showcased At IAA Mobility

by Shatakshi Gupta

What if you canoperate the windows of the car without touching anything, close? What if the car plays music that we want to hear? Or answer the phone call without pressing any button or the car automatically drops you at the location that you are thinking. No, we are not talking about any Sci-fi movie, Mercedes has turned this idea into a reality. The company has introduced Vision AVTR equipped with a wearable brain-computer. In which all these advanced features will be available. 

Recently, Cars with such modern and futuristicfeatureshave been showcased at the IAA Mobility Auto Show in Munich, Germany. Have a look at such futuristic cars.

Mercedes Vision AVTR

Many functions in this car are controlled just by thinking only. The user has to focus on the sensors installed in the digital dashboard wearing a wearable brain-computer interface. The car’s AI technology analyzes brainwaves to find out what your focus is on. The car will take that focussed thing as the command.This car will also be able to run on pre-installed paths.

Audi Grandsphere

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The Grandsphere has been designed from the inside out and Audi places its primary focus on the interior of this futuristic car. The company refers to it as a “private jet for the road”. The car looks absolutely stunning from the outside.

Now let’s talk about its features. Even before you enter the car, the grandsphere will have independently handled its charging situation and will recognise your gait as you approach towards it and open the doors for you automatically( provided you have given it full access). A full recycled material wooden dash will have all of your infotainment and navigation functions projected onto it.  You can also enter ‘lounge mode’ where the car drives itself and passengers can sit back and watch a movie or take a nap. The climate control knobs on the doors can be controlled using hand gestures only.

Volkswagen ID Life

It is an urban crossover concept based compact car. It has a video game console and projector. There is also a projection screen, which extends from the dashboard panel as needed. With this, the car can be converted into a gaming or movie lounge. The seating design, too, is extremely flexible, in keeping with the idea of the car as a companion for all situations and lifestyles. For instance, the front seat bench can be completely folded down, as can the rear seat bench.

Important driving functions are controlled via a touch panel on the steering wheel, and a smartphone can be integrated with the operating system of the car. The assistive mirrors in this car are replaced with cameras and screens. Notably, this electric car will be made of recycled material. The car is expected to hit the market by 2025.

Hyundai Prophecy

People were talking about this car for so long and finally, it was introduced in this show for the people. Instead of steering, joysticks have been given on both sides of the driver’s seat.

The company says 90 per cent of the car’s controls can be operated without the driver having to take their hands off these joysticks. This gives drivers a more comfortable driving experience and offersmore dashboard space for more screens.

The aircon system of this car cleans the car’s air by taking fresh air from the atmosphere. In the Relax mode, people sitting in the car will be able to enjoy the outdoor scenes and dashboard screen by reclining their seats.

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