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How these 5 technologies will transform travel and commute in the future? 

by TurboCrush Desk

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, said that change is inherent to life and that to oppose it is to oppose the reason we are here. Let’s spend some time looking at how technological development may affect upcoming travel trends. Cutting-edge technologies are constantly evolving and leave us with no room for surprise. We will observe how advancing technologies will alter our travel experience in the future, from shortening journey times to enhancing the experience. Here are 5 promising techs that will certainly change travelling future.


We have come a long way from ships to bullet trains. But the future is the magnet. Confused? We’re talking about the Hyperloop, which will employ magnetic energy to propel passenger capsules at a turbulence-free speed of around 1,200 km/h. When compared to flying, the pods will go along the hallway quietly and affordably. The technology will advance significantly over the coming ten years, and India will gain from it as well.

Supersonic jets:

The Concorde was the most gracefully flying plane ever. It took off effortlessly, travelled twice the speed of sound across the Atlantic in less than three hours, but sadly, its global fleet was grounded in 2003 due to a lack of economic feasibility. Boom Technology Overture’s return has long been predicted, and in 2025, if all goes according to plan, it will fly supersonic. It will benefit from recent advancements in aviation technology, such as lightweight composite materials, and operate at a 10% lower operating cost than the Concorde. All of this may sound intrepid, but if they can fly without consuming excessive amounts of gasoline, we’re game.

Autonomous vehicles:

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Autonomous vehicles are the one piece of technology that has the ability to completely eliminate the stress associated with our daily journeys. There is a reason why companies like Google, Uber, Apple, and Tesla have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in various driverless car programmes. The first business to figure out the solution and develop an autonomous car that is nearly fault-proof and unbreakable will usher in a new era of consumer transportation and make a tonne of money in the process.

VR and AR:

Whether or not virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences that replicate travel are deemed travel, they appear to work for many. Currently, the concept is to sit on your sofa while utilising a VR headset to explore a location using 360-degree and precisely scaled movies. Simulating situations that are either excessively pricey or physically demanding works incredibly well. Future technology advancements include multimodal experiences, always-on VR, and VR contact lenses, among others.

Smart Luggage:

How would you feel? If your luggage becomes smart and comes with features like a Bluetooth-enabled lock, LED lighting to indicate battery, an integrated weighing scale, a GPS chip for tracking, and motion-sensing technology that allows it to follow your movements.  Travelmate Robotics’ entry-level suitcase model has all these features while you continue to use your standard two-wheeled bag. In this way, businesses have advanced luggage technology so that worrying about your possessions while travelling becomes unnecessary.

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