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EVTRIC Rise: A new entrant in the Indian electric bike market; Check range, price, and features

by TurboCrush Desk

In India, the market for electric vehicles is constantly expanding. Customers have shown a lot of interest, particularly in the market for two-wheeled electric vehicles. Many automakers are introducing new models as a result of the rising demand. In the Indian electric vehicle market, a new electric bike has been introduced. EVTRIC Motors, an electric vehicle manufacturer based in Pune, recently unveiled the EVTRIC Rise, its first electric motorcycle. It features the newest technology, stylish styling, and great speed.

How much does it cost?

A high-speed motorcycle with a sophisticated appearance and cutting-edge technology is called the EVTRIC Rise. This product was introduced by the EVTRIC Motors team for Rs. 1,59,990 (Ex-showroom India). In the electric vehicle market, the EVTRIC brand has been promoting the idea of Make in India. Let’s look at this just-released electric bike’s features.

Features, range, and battery

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  • Sharp slashes give the EVTRIC Rise an athletic appearance. It has a daytime-running LED light. Users can access the newest features through its unique rear winkers.
  • A 3.0 kWh lithium-ion removable battery is available for the EVTRIC Rise electric bicycle. It takes 4 hours to fully charge the battery. Bike users can safely and conveniently charge their batteries with the 10amp mini charger’s auto cut feature. It has a driving range of 110 kilometres when its battery is fully charged.
  • A 2kW BLDC motor and a 70v/40Ah lithium-ion battery work together to power The Rise.
  • The EVTRIC Rise bike has a top speed of 70 kmph.
  • The new bike is attractively coloured in red and black and is perfect for daily usage.


Commenting on the launch of the brand’s first motorcycle, Manoj Patil, Founder & Managing Director, EVTRIC Motors, said, “We are extremely excited to bring our latest creation and our first ‘Make in India’ electric bike ‘Rise’. This bike is on EV from ICE.”

As Indian consumers become aware of the necessity to move from gasoline to electric vehicles, the company has been releasing Make-in-India items one after another to provide them with high-quality electric automobiles. The brand now has three electric scooters on the road: the EVTRIC AXIS, EVTRIC RIDE, and EVTRIC MIGHTY. Additionally, the business has 125 touch points in 22 Indian states.

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