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What if your Electric car battery runs out mid way? What to do and things to keep in mind?

by Shatakshi Gupta

Electric vehicle sales are taking off, lately. Many car aficionados have been lusting after sports-car-like acceleration, good handling, a low centre of gravity, and even weight distribution, as well as vehicles that aid the environment in some way. However, there has always been a mystery that has surrounded all EVs, i.e  what happens if your electric vehicle runs out of battery?  Before knowing about this, let’s understand some important things.

Similar to conventional ICE vehicles:

If not driven carefully, all fuels, whether petrol, diesel, or electric, will ultimately run out. In the same way as cars with internal combustion engines, whether petrol or diesel, have an indicator, EVs also have a range indicator. Similarly, electric vehicles will alert you to the remaining driving range.

Nonetheless, the new electric automobiles have a unique technology that estimates range based on navigational directions. Besides, companies who sell electric vehicles also advise against totally draining the battery or deep discharging the vehicle. This could shorten the life of your vehicle’s battery.

Factors affecting range of an EV:

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  • The range will undoubtedly be affected by the amount of traffic in a metropolis or the location where you are driving. In traffic jams, the battery is likely to deplete faster. This is due to the operation of electrical systems such as the air conditioner and the heater. This comprises the infotainment system, instrument cluster, and all sensors, among other things.
  • The range of an electric vehicle will almost certainly be influenced by the tropical conditions in your area.In comparison to colder temperatures, the battery drains faster in hot weather. This could result in a shorter battery life than the company claims.
  • The driving style is one of the most overlooked causes of diminished battery life. This means that with frequent driving inputs like as acceleration and braking, the range will undoubtedly be reduced compared to consistent input.

What is Range anxiety?

It’s the term used to describe the amount of anxiety a driver has about the battery range. For starters, it is quite likely to occur if you purchase a new electric vehicle. Although, it can be lowered to zero, only over time. The first step is to make a journey plan. Stops for emergencies should also be considered.

Now, what to do if battery runs out?

  • Towing your EV is a terrible idea because it’ll destroy the motor’s brushes.
  • EV manufacturers, include a caution that, when crossed, will continuously signal to recharge EV, depending on the automaker, the range is roughly 15-20 kilometres.
  • One can always contact the company’s SOS service. Representatives will undoubtedly take some time to get at the scene. The van will charge your EV with a fast charger when it arrives. Instead of fully charging the vehicle, they will charge it to its maximum capacity until it reaches the nearest charging station.

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