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Entering into Robo age! Meet the Cyberdog of Xiaomi- follows voice commands, ensures holistic surveillance

by TurboCrush Desk

“Let’s wake up Albert”, to this voice command a futuristic Robo pet woke up and started walking. No, this is not an opening scene of any futuristic movie, this happened at the Mobile World Congress 2022. This Robodog designed by Xiaomi is being dubbed as man’s best Robo friend.

Chinese smartphone makers Xiaomi has introduced a robotic gadget and named it CyberDog. This quadruple robot looks like a pet dog and acts like a one. The cyberdog is equipped with many software and hardware. Earlier, in an event last year, Xiaomi said that it is an experimental, open-source machine that developers can build. features have been told. The price of Xiaomi Cyberdog has been kept around 1500 Euros. It is currently available only in China.

About Cyberdog:

This robot is much smarter than you can imagine. The company says that it is equipped with an array of cameras, sensors and microphones, which lend it a great capability to detect the objects around it, react accordingly and navigate semi-autonomously. Some of its features are:

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  • Cyberdog can run at a speed of 3.2m per second.
  • It has Nvidia’s Jetson XavierAI processor. It also has 384 CUDA cores, 48 Tensor cores, ARM architecture 6 Carmel cores as well as two engines which accelerate its processing.
  • In addition, the robo has a 128 GB solid state drive.
  • Cyberdog can be controlled through a mobile phone app and voice commands.
  • Cyberdog is believed to be able to understand as much as the human eye can.
  • Xiaomi claims that CyberDog is so agile that it can perform backflips. It can carry a weight of 3kg.
  • Talking about sensors, it include touch sensors, a GPS module, an ultra-wide-angle fisheye lens, and Intel’s RealSense D450 camera for depth-sensing. Moreover, Xiaomi suggests that LIDAR sensors, panoramic cameras, and search lights could be added further.
  • The robo pet has multiple ports including three USB-C ports and one HDMI port. These ports help in customizing its hardware.

How this can be your perfect Robo pet?

The Cyberdog is capable of walking and running, as well as turning left and right, rolling, jumping, leaning forward and standing on its hind limbs. Besides, it can pass you objects under the weight of 3 kg.

 Xiaomi has also developed its own XiaoAI system into Cyberdog, which allows the mechanical dog to control a range of smart home devices including your TV, AC, air purifier and vacuum cleaner.

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