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best home EV chargers available in India

by Shatakshi Gupta

EV technology has been advancing rapidly for the past few years, transforming electric cars from a niche product with a limited range of only 60 kilometres to a viable option for everyday use. Access to charging stations, on the other hand, is critical for safe EV operation. That is why, if you own an EV, having a high-quality EV charger is sine qua non.

Despite the growing number of public charging stations, having an EV charger installed in your garage is the only surefire way to ensure your electric vehicle is always charged. Having a place to park your EV after charging improves the convenience of owning an EV, though free and paid public charging stations can be useful while out and about or on the road. If you live in an area where your utility company offers off-peak rates, or if your home is powered by solar panels, investing in a personal EV charger could save you money. However, the simplest way to charge the battery is to plug it into a standard wall outlet using a Level 1 charging cord, which is standard on most EVs. Some of the best EV chargers available online are listed below:

  • BMS EV Charger 60 Volt for EBIKE

This amazing quality BMS EV charger set is the first item on this list. If you own an EV two-wheeler, this EV charger will undoubtedly make your life easier. This battery charger has a 60V charging package and a 3 AMP for lead acid battery, allowing you to charge your EV vehicle much more efficiently and quickly than any other charger. Furthermore, the solid quality of the plastic bodies on the outside of this charger pack ensures the product’s durability even more.

  • Rbent E-Bike Scooter Lithium-ion EV Charger

This Rbent E-bike scooter lithium-ion EV charger is the next product on this list of the best EV chargers. This EV charger is far more advanced and high-quality than any other EV charger in this price range available online. Furthermore, this Rbent EV charger has an auto cut-off system that automatically cuts off the electric supply to your vehicle. In addition, the digital metre on this Rbent E-bike scooter makes it easier to keep track.

  • Heli EV Charger

This Heli EV charger is another example of a product that will allow you to charge your EV more conveniently and quickly than any other 60V charger available online. This Heli EV charger, on the other hand, is one such product that is variable at a very low price when compared to other EV chargers in this space. Heli EV and RE enterprise, which excels in the EV industry space, manufacture it. Because of the 72V electric output, this charger charges your vehicle more efficiently.

  • Drivethru EV AC Type 2 Charger

If you want to install a fast charger in your home or office, this Drivethru EV AC type 2 charger is the one to get. This Drivethru charger can be installed virtually anywhere to maximise the performance of any EV charger. The high-quality digital display on the front of this Drivethru EV AC type 2 charger also shows all pertinent information about your vehicle’s EV charging process. Furthermore, this Drivethre EV charger produces 15 kiloamps of output, allowing you to charge your vehicles much faster and more efficiently.

  • Rbent EV Charger 48 Volt

The next product on this list of the most affordable EV chargers in India available online is this Rbent EV charger, which produces 48 volts of electric power and can charge your vehicle quite effectively. Furthermore, this charger is simple to install and requires no special knowledge to do so in your home or building. This Rbent EV charger’s built-in cooling fan makes it a very useful product. This Rbent EV charger also has a front-facing LED indicator..

  • E-Fill Electric Type 2 Portable EV Charger

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If you own an EV, charging it has been the most difficult task. However, if you have this E-fill electric type 2 portable EV charger, it will make a lot of things easier for you. This EV charger is portable and can be transported with your EV. Furthermore, this charger can be plugged into any power outlet and will charge your vehicle quickly and effectively. This product is enhanced by the long-range cable, which measures approximately 20 feet..

  • BMS EV Charger 60 Volt

The net product on this list of top deals on EV chargers is this BMS EV charger 60 volts. This 60 volt EV charger will charge your two-wheeler EV in a much more convenient and faster manner. However, this EV charger lacks a digital display and LED indication, but it does have an Auto cut-off system that works flawlessly. Furthermore, the price at which this EV charger is available online is uncommon.

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