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This Nuclear Diamond Battery Can Supply Power For 28000 Years; No Need To Charge Your Phone Or Car

by Shatakshi Gupta

In this technological era, energy is the biggest resource required for advancement. The world is seeking more sustainable and clean energy sources. Today, in this article we will tell you about one such energy resource that will change the face of future energy supply.

A few months back, a US start-up has created a super-powerful battery using nuclear waste. This battery will not need to be charged for 28000 years. According to the report, radioactive isotopes from nuclear waste have been mixed with ultra-slim layers of Nano diamonds to create this battery. This battery has the capacity of providing non-stop energy to 400 generations of humans without recharging. 

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Production will be started in 2023

The makers claim that  Nano Diamond Battery (NDB), thougha radioactive battery, is completely safe for humans. The startup has also claimed that within the next two years, they will start production of this battery. Initially, it will be made available to its commercial partners, including space agencies for long-duration missions.

No need to charge your phone or car

The company is also working on a customer version of this battery, which can power a smartphone or electric car for more than 10 years without recharging. This will save us from the hassle of recharging our equipment frequently. Moreover, it also solves the environmental problems associated with battery manufacturing and disposal of battery waste.

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How does this work?

The battery works by generating electricity on its own from a shower of electrons as a result of radioactive decay of waste radioactive graphite. The radioactive core is of this battery is protectedwith multiple layers of synthetic diamonds or polycrystalline diamonds. Each unit will contain a single crystalline diamond that absorbs energy from the isotope. These diamonds have the highest energy conductivity, which means they transfer heat much more quickly than radioactive graphite. This process happens so quickly that electricity is generated.

These diamond layers not only store charge but also prevent radiation leakage. California based company has even claimed that it will spread radiation in such a small amount, which will not pose any threat to human life. The firm has not yet produced the batteries, but has a proof-of-concept design called the “Diamond Nuclear Voltaic”.

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