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6 Maintenance Tips That Will Extend The Life Of Your Electric Vehicle

by Shatakshi Gupta

Electric vehicles are becoming common on roads. EVs are getting a boost through government aid, companies’ promotions and users’ rising interest in emission and sound free vehicles.

The EVs have several advantages over conventional ICE vehicles, but they put an additional burden on your pocket while buying them. With little care, you can extend the life of your electric vehicle. Today we are telling you some important tips, after following which your car will give the best range and its battery life will also increase.

Don’t let it deep discharge:

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Deep discharge of the battery adversely affects its life. By doing this the range of your vehicle will gradually be reduced. Always charge your vehicle before it falls below 20 percent.

Avoid sudden accelerations:

Do not race your electric car without reason. By doing this, the battery of the electric car starts draining very fast. Give the car an extra race only when it is really needed.

Monitoring of coolant:

One of the most crucial things in EVs is to monitor the coolant system. The coolant system is responsible for stabilizing the temperature of your battery unit and preventing it from overheating. Your EV comes with instructions, where the duration of coolant fluid replacement is given, you must ensure that you are abiding by this interval.

Do not overload:

Overloading should not be done in an electric vehicle. It puts pressure on the motor and requires more energy for the motor to work, which increases battery consumption. This reduces the range of the electric vehicle and ultimately affects battery life.

Avoid instant charging:

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While charging the car battery rely less on fast/rapid charge. Fast charging is a good solution, but do not make this regular charging mode. Constantly charging the battery with fast charging can damage your vehicle’s battery. 

Drive your vehicle regularly:

Not driving an EV for a long time can cost you heavily. Drive your EV every other day if you don’t use your vehicle. Do not leave the vehicle parked in one place for a longer time. If you cannot take the vehicle on a regular drive, avoid parking it in one place for a long time. Keep parking the car forward, backward, right or left. This will help prevent flat spots in the tyres.

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