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10 accessories that will make your budget car hi-tech

by Shatakshi Gupta

With the introduction of new models, features that were previously reserved for high-end luxury vehicles are now available to the general public. However, the majority of these features are restricted to the top-tier variants of the cars, which remain out of reach for most buyers. If you do not have the funds to purchase a high-end model of a car but still want to enjoy such features, here are a few inexpensive accessories that are available for a much lower price. These features will undoubtedly upgrade the technology and elegance of your vehicle, as well as the amount of time you spend inside it.

  1. Blindspot mirrors

It is extremely difficult to determine if there is something behind your vehicle in India, where most motorists do not follow lane discipline. Even with the best mirror placement in a vehicle, there are some areas that remain blind. Blindspot mirrors can help with this. These small mirrors can be pasted on the ORVMs and reveal many hidden spots on the car’s side. It is certainly useful when changing lanes. Blind Spot mirrors are easily available on e-commerce websites.

  • 360 degree camera

This useful feature is now available in many low-cost vehicles, but it is still limited to high-end, expensive models. The 360 camera is extremely useful when parking your car on crowded city sidewalks or simply passing through a small space. These can be installed in your vehicle, and the feed will be sent to the infotainment screen. Examine your options here.

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

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The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an important safety device that ensures the tyres are properly inflated. Less or more air in the tyres can be a major cause of accidents, and the TPMS can tell us if the tyres are properly inflated. There are numerous TPMS kits on the market that can connect to your smartphone or a dedicated device in your vehicle. It is also simple to set up. Amazon India has Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems.

  • GPS device with OBD interface

Car thieves have evolved over time, and even high-tech systems such as immobilisers cannot keep your vehicle safe. There are GPS-based security devices that can be installed in vehicles, but some of them may necessitate extensive splicing or wiring. There are a few OBD-based devices that can be easily installed in your vehicle’s OBD port and will send important vehicle information directly to your smartphone. OBD GPS devices are available for purchase on Amazon.

  • Automatic side steps

SUVs have grown in popularity over the years, owing to their bulky appearance on the road. Because these vehicles have higher ground clearance, both older and younger people may have difficulty getting into them. There are some attractive side steps that are electrically powered and retract when the doors are closed to ensure that ground clearance is not compromised. The cost of these automatic side steps can vary, and you can compare your options here.

  • Heads-Up Display

The attractive Heads-Up Display (HUD) was installed to ensure that drivers’ eyes do not have to be taken off the road. Most expensive vehicles include a high-tech HUD that displays a variety of information on the windscreen. There are smartphone-based HUD options, as well as independent systems that can be installed in your vehicle. Here are a few options available on Amazon.

  • Wireless charger

There are now many cars in the mass market that have wireless phone charging systems. To charge equipped smartphones, the technology makes use of the Qi charging system. If you don’t like wires dangling in your dashboard and have a smartphone that supports wireless charging, look into wireless fast-charging options on Amazon.

  • Lane departure and forward collision warning

Sleeping behind the wheel and inattentive driving are the leading causes of road accidents. High-end luxury vehicles include features such as driver eye tracking, lane tracking, forward collision warning, and even an automatic emergency braking system. You can add Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warning to your vehicle. It works by emitting loud beeps when you get too close to another vehicle on the road or abruptly change lanes. A few dashboard cameras now include lane departure warning. You can view the available options here.

  • Seat ventilation with temperature control

The extreme climate of India can make you feel uneasy. Most climate control units in cars take a few minutes to become effective, but if you need immediate relief from the elements, this seat ventilator can come in handy. It is a 12V socket-powered seat temperature controller that will allow the body to cool down faster when it is too hot and humid outside. Check out these Amazon car seat ventilation options.

  1. Puddle lamps

Puddle lamps may appear to be a luxury feature, but they are extremely useful when getting out of a car in a dark area, especially during the monsoon season. The puddle lamps indicate the location of your feet. These aftermarket accessories are available for a reasonable price on the market. Here are some puddle lamps for you to consider.

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