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Benling introduces electric scooter Believe, goes up to 25 km even after breakdown; Check features, price

by Shatakshi Gupta

In India, numerous automakers are introducing electric two-wheelers. Some of these companies’ scooters have established themselves, and others are attempting to do the same. In the meanwhile, they have also fallen after experiencing some success. An electric scooter has now been introduced by a different new startup. Benling India, an electric scooter manufacturer based in Gurugram, has introduced its newest model, “BELIEVE” in India.

This scooter has been specifically created for Indian road demand. This includes the unique Smart Breakdown Assist feature. The unique aspect of this technology is that it allows the e-scooter to travel up to 25 kilometres even if it breaks down and needs to be repaired. This scooter is being seen as a competition slayer. In this context, let’s have a look at its features and price.


The electric scooter by Benling has a futuristic, almost toy-like look. It has front apron-mounted indicators for its dual LED headlights. On the side of the front panels and the side panels, there are a few forceful vents. However, the rear of the e-scooter is pretty unimpressive in comparison to the front. Six colour possibilities are available for The Believe: Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Purple, and Magic Grey.


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Braking is handled by a front disc brake and a rear drum brake on the Benling Believe, which also has a telescopic fork and dual shock suspension.

The electric scooter gets a 3.2 kW waterproof BLDC motor and a swappable battery pack. According to the company, this electric scooter can cover a distance of 120 km on a single full charge. It has a top-speed of 75 kmph and a total weight of 248 kg.

Smart features:

The Believe scooter comes equipped with capabilities including real-time tracking, park help, mobile app connectivity, and mobile charging. On the other hand, the most recent features include a regenerative braking system, numerous speed levels, and a keyless start. It includes disc brakes at the front and back for stopping. Additionally, there is a Smart Breakdown Assist feature.

Pricing and availability:

For Rs 97,520, the Benling Believe electric scooter has been introduced in India. The company has set a production goal of 9000 units by November, although it is prepared to launch 3000 units in a month. According to Benling India, 350 dealerships are spread across 22 states and 160 towns in the nation and will sell the Believe e-scooter, which has been specifically created for Indian traffic conditions.

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